Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Just when i thought it could not get any better it got better!!!

 Well once again my plan to post all of our results though the spring has been thwarted by fatigue and life  and maintaining a banding  station and coordinating volunteers and well playing with volunteers which includes fishing and  more banding at our Dawson point site.  Once things slow down i will try and catch up. We have had our best spring on record and today we captured species 72 and 73 . About a week ago we banded our first ever Connecticut warbler and our first documentation of a pine warbler then today we caught our third nelson sparrow in the last three years and if that was not enough we banded the stations  first ever indigo bunting which is something for  a station in the north east. despite having the occasional sighting in the north east i never dreamed one would show up at the marsh!! It has all been made possible by the many hard working volunteers who make banding fun every day !!! I would love to write more ut i have to get to bed . What is going to happen at the marsh tomorrow ???

pine warbler

first ever banded Connecticut warbler for marsh

neslons sparrow

bander  Sarah Bonnet 4th station record

on our down time we band at our Dawson point station

Sarah banded her second first of the day the stations first indigo bunting

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