Thursday, 10 May 2018

the migration is on

slow start to the banding season as we are waiting for water to drain so we can  get all the nets up all in good time 
Rough legged hawk

Now that I have your attention  these photo's will introduce you to our spring 2018 banding crew they are a great bunch and I am excited to have them here and they are already making an impact more to come . I am hoping they will take on the task of introducing themselves by blogging this season.  It is a challenging spring as the volunteers have to tent  but they are a hardy bunch and are embracing the boreal experience.  You can find out more about them by checking out our podcast  bird banter with boreal bruce  The crew has already made a big impact as you are soon to discover.  The migration is on  warblers are just arriving and the crew is ready.

Nick with the fist ever broad winged hawk we have ever banded at the marsh well done nick and the crew!!! They managed to band 3 which is phenomenal some years 3 are not banded in the province !!!
Chrissy took out and banded the first warbler of the season a lovely palm warbler
palm warbler 
Frances with the first white crowned sparrow of the season
Jess with the first  American golfdfinch
Tree swallow box cleanout
Cleaning out boxes at the  old north cobalt lagoon after a day of banding  a long day for volunteers 
team Quinton assembled and ready to clean out tree swallow boxes at the marsh
Frances with a spring  sawwhet owl 
Nick holding 1 of the 2 long eareds hey banded this spring  we attempted a pilot spring owl banding project which may lead us to deploy some  motus tags on some owls. First we had to show we could band a few in the spring  which proved to  be a difficult task. Nothing like our numbers in the fall
boreal banding adventure starts in a tent hopefully our raise the roost campaign will house volunteers in a nice warm 64 foot trailer 
Well after taking forever winter has been usurped by spring  and we are banding birds. Our crew has arrived and have a week under their collective banding belt and things are going really well and we are enjoying an awesome positive group of banders and the birds are arriving  just as we are ready.
pictured here is our spring crew 2018 right of me is  Chrissy Barton from Virginia, Jessica Baille  from Ajax Mohammed Fammy from Egypt Nick Alioto from Sunderland  and Frances Whalen from Kalamazoo Michigan and what a great crew.

Mo with a roughlegged hawk we banded

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  1. Always interesting to hear about what's going on at the marsh. Wishing all the crew a great banding season! Keep up the great work you all do!